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Hi, I hope some people still look at this........

I'm 15 years old and have been performing since I was 7. I'm actually doing my first professional thing right now-small, but yet considered professional since they're paying us.

Here's an idea, that I really like.

During the summer, a girl has these dreams about a guy. He's the perfect guy in her eyes.....some dreams they are loving each other, others they're just talking about everything. School starts, and the dreams stop so she forgets about him. She sees him one day somewhere, and runs to find him, but he's disappeared. She asks everyone if they've seen him, but no one has seen him. She runs into him everywhere, but he always disappeared. At last they finally meet each other face to face, and he says....."Oh, So-and-So!" And she's all, you're real? And he's confused, ya di ya di ya. So they date, and he's just like how he is in her dreams. Well, he starts to get really wierd, so she wants to be away from him, but he gets over-protective, and thinks if he can't have her, no one will. In the end we find out that he's not real, and that's she's schzophrenic. He disappears for good, and she goes back to every day life-except she can't hear. She's been deaf this whole time, and living in her made up world, where everything is perfect, and everyone is wearing bright clothes and no one fights or anything.

So.......what do you think? It's just an idea, and in it's beginning stages. I write music, I'm a music theatre major, and such. I love my music, and not sure what this would be. Would be better as a play, me thinks.
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