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On writing

I've been mulling some things over regarding my writing.

First off, it occurs to me that I prefer writing plays because dialogue comes easily to me as a result of my keen interest in people, rather than my surroundings. I find writing the descriptive details necessary in a novel or, to a lesser extent, in a short story, to be tedious and I find myself wanting to cut corners...Not a good thing. I have to be aware of that when I work in those media.

Secondly, IMO, no matter how much a writer tries not to be self revelatory, it's impossible not to be. I am a very closed person and am quite uncomfortable with disclosing personal information, especially regarding my feelings and attitudes. Of course, a reading of my stuff will certainly find "clues" and, that's as it has to be. I don't worry about that.

What does concern me, though, is when people read fiction I write and just "know" that I'm really saying this, that or the other thing. I am always astounded by that and am more astounded when, even though I deny their assumptions, they still think they are right. LOL I have to give all this some more thought but, it is something that is in my mind a lot.
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Once it's down on paper, or up on the stage, or whatever, it's not yours anymore. it's not you. it is itself, and recreated anew in the head of every viewer. What THEY make of it is entirely their own fault. :)