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On writing

I've been mulling some things over regarding my writing.

First off, it occurs to me that I prefer writing plays because dialogue comes easily to me as a result of my keen interest in people, rather than my surroundings. I find writing the descriptive details necessary in a novel or, to a lesser extent, in a short story, to be tedious and I find myself wanting to cut corners...Not a good thing. I have to be aware of that when I work in those media.

Secondly, IMO, no matter how much a writer tries not to be self revelatory, it's impossible not to be. I am a very closed person and am quite uncomfortable with disclosing personal information, especially regarding my feelings and attitudes. Of course, a reading of my stuff will certainly find "clues" and, that's as it has to be. I don't worry about that.

What does concern me, though, is when people read fiction I write and just "know" that I'm really saying this, that or the other thing. I am always astounded by that and am more astounded when, even though I deny their assumptions, they still think they are right. LOL I have to give all this some more thought but, it is something that is in my mind a lot.
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