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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
10:17 pm
Hi, I hope some people still look at this........
I'm 15 years old and have been performing since I was 7. I'm actually doing my first professional thing right now-small, but yet considered professional since they're paying us.

Here's an idea, that I really like.

During the summer, a girl has these dreams about a guy. He's the perfect guy in her eyes.....some dreams they are loving each other, others they're just talking about everything. School starts, and the dreams stop so she forgets about him. She sees him one day somewhere, and runs to find him, but he's disappeared. She asks everyone if they've seen him, but no one has seen him. She runs into him everywhere, but he always disappeared. At last they finally meet each other face to face, and he says....."Oh, So-and-So!" And she's all, you're real? And he's confused, ya di ya di ya. So they date, and he's just like how he is in her dreams. Well, he starts to get really wierd, so she wants to be away from him, but he gets over-protective, and thinks if he can't have her, no one will. In the end we find out that he's not real, and that's she's schzophrenic. He disappears for good, and she goes back to every day life-except she can't hear. She's been deaf this whole time, and living in her made up world, where everything is perfect, and everyone is wearing bright clothes and no one fights or anything.

So.......what do you think? It's just an idea, and in it's beginning stages. I write music, I'm a music theatre major, and such. I love my music, and not sure what this would be. Would be better as a play, me thinks.

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
2:28 pm
This is an experimental page for an ongoing communal narrative (or anti-narrative) which can include any narrative (or non-narrative) form such as prose, poetry, lists, scripts, tables, images and surveys, etc. It is intended for anyone willing and interested in contributing to an ongoing piece of art (with periodic digressions). There are no restrictions but that contributions be a part of the ongoing story. It is hoped to develop a fusion of widely varied voices and styles and media within a somewhat coherent framework. The ridiculous is highly welcome. Please edit your contributions.

The idea is that the story is not planned, it evolves. So, if one writer or artist introduces a character or theme the next writer or artist can develop it, or not, as she or he chooses, as long as there is some kind of coherent link that makes it 'readable' (in the broadest sense of a readable 'text').

The idea partly came from a party scene in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, where characters' personalities are developed, and contemporary reading habits explored, through a joint storytelling game. I was thinking along the lines of Pynchon or Rabelais or Perec or something anti-novelistic when I thought of doing this, but perhaps an avante-garde soap opera could also be an apt description. I am reminded of a drawing game I learned in primary school where each child draws a section of a body, folds it over to conceal it, and passes the page onto another child who contributes the next section, and so on, until the page ends and an inconsistent creature is revealed which doesn't conform to any kind mould other than that the pieces fit together. Also think: serial, like Dickens or Conan-Doyle, where each contribution to a larger story is written periodically (The Pickwick Papers), or each short story contributes to a larger reality (the myth of Sherlock Holmes), but with different authors (as in a television series) and, of course, with different media.

Illustrators, digital artists, graphic novelists, photographers, cartoonists, poets, writers of any genre, scriptwriters, non-fiction writers, copywriters, painters, embroiderers, sculptors, artists of any description are welcome
and encouraged to participate.

Sunday, March 28th, 2004
1:35 am
Hi, My Name Is Journiey And I'm A .....Performer, Its Been A While Since My Last Performance
So I Have A Question, What Is The Best Way To Dialogue An Existing Piece Of Work?

I'm Working With Some Old Folk Tales, And I Want To Tell A Different Version Of That Tale, But I'm Thinking When I Get To Workshop The Piece, The Story Version Will Fall From The Collective Ensemble.

How Do I Then Dialogue It? Any Good Web Sites Of Books For A Crash Course On Dialoguing Existing Pieces?
Sunday, November 2nd, 2003
11:11 pm
On writing
I've been mulling some things over regarding my writing.

First off, it occurs to me that I prefer writing plays because dialogue comes easily to me as a result of my keen interest in people, rather than my surroundings. I find writing the descriptive details necessary in a novel or, to a lesser extent, in a short story, to be tedious and I find myself wanting to cut corners...Not a good thing. I have to be aware of that when I work in those media.

Secondly, IMO, no matter how much a writer tries not to be self revelatory, it's impossible not to be. I am a very closed person and am quite uncomfortable with disclosing personal information, especially regarding my feelings and attitudes. Of course, a reading of my stuff will certainly find "clues" and, that's as it has to be. I don't worry about that.

What does concern me, though, is when people read fiction I write and just "know" that I'm really saying this, that or the other thing. I am always astounded by that and am more astounded when, even though I deny their assumptions, they still think they are right. LOL I have to give all this some more thought but, it is something that is in my mind a lot.

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Friday, October 17th, 2003
12:48 am
I'll post a poem here.
This is actually two poems in one: The first and last poem I've ever written. I needed to write it for a book I was working on, just so you'll know why it's my first one. Once you've read it, you'll know why it's the last. :-)

Here it is. It's called,


Dogs, dogs, dogs -
Everywhere I look, I see
Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Dogs with balls,
Dogs with bones,
Dogs with stolen ice cream cones:

Chasing cars,
Howling at Mars,
Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Big dogs, little dogs, medium sized, too,
Run and bump, bump and run,
Leave me black and blue!

Dogs, dogs, dogs.
Everywhere I look I see
Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Runnin' dogs,
Fightin' dogs,
Huntin' dogs, too;
Racin' dogs,
Pullin' dogs,
Dogs to get what flew.

Working dogs,
Herding dogs,
Guard dogs, too;

Prissy dogs,
Bald dogs and
Dogs to track a clue.

Hound dogs,
Police dogs,
Terrier dogs too;
Spaniel dogs, poodle dogs,
Just to name a few.

There are dogs with ears
That have no peers
And some whose drag and droop;
But one and all they stretch and yawn,
And squat to take a poop!

Only God could make a creature so great,
The dog so wise and true;
For the love that lies within those eyes,
There's nothing I wouldn't do.

Dogs, dogs, dogs,
Everywhere I look I see
Dogs, dogs, dogs ...

Compliant dogs,
Defiant dogs and
Dogs who like to chew,
Submissive dogs,
Permissive dogs,
Just to name a few...

Agile dogs,
Fragile dogs and
Crippled dogs too,
Stubby dogs,
Grubby dogs, all, dogs I wish I knew!

Dogs, dogs, dogs,
Everywhere I look, I see
Dogs, dogs, dogs...

Dogs may whine,
They may bark and grovel too,
But no matter what each dog may do,
They push and shove to win our love,
And prove they're a gift from up above.

Cause God did make this creature so great,
The dog both wise and true;
So, for the love that lies within those eyes,
There's nothing I wouldn't do!

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
11:52 pm
Breaking the ice...
This is my first post in Bards and, it would appear, the first post by anyone. So, I'll just jump in and get started.

I joined Bards because I write. I'm not a professional writer, nor am I an accomplished amateur writer.

I do not now, nor have I ever written with the intention of publication or production.

I became a writer sort of by accident. It began as a "stunt" to try and have a group of my friends do something "constructive". The idea was that I would begin writing something - anything - and then pass it on to the next person who would pick it up and do anything he or she wanted, then to the next person and so on. We were to have no pre-agreed to plot or story line. Anything went and each person could take the story in any direction he or she desired.

Well, it turned out that only two of us wound up participating. And, somehow or other, a "fantasy" story line developed and the "stunt" turned into a 600 page manuscript. I did about 500 of those pages and I was hooked. This was about seven years ago.

I could have gone on and on with the story but finally stopped when my writing partner ran out of time and energy. I actually cried when I at last typed, "...And then it was over." "THE END" It was hard to let go.

So, I launched out on another novel, a sequel to the first. I got a hundred or so pages in and got bogged down doing some research for the story, which had to do with quantum physics. I knew nothing about physics of any kind and had to stop writing and start researching. I found the research fascinating and read book after book. By the time I became expert at physics and returned to writing, I had forgotten the story line. I struggled to regain it and, by the time I did, I forgot all the physics I had learned. LOL The beginnings of the book are still on my hard drive and I may return to it some day, although with less emphasis on the technical stuff.

At any rate, in all this writing, I found that what I enjoyed doing most and what seemed to come most easily to me, was writing dialogue.

I had always had a vague, undeveloped interest in writing something for a "performance" and videotaping it. I didn't want to do anything extravagant, just some short, humorous things for my own enjoyment.

It occurred to me to write a play. I had never thought of doing that before and the idea intrigued me. Then, as luck would have it, a perfect opportunity came along for me to give it a try.

I had gone to see a performance of "Vagina Monologues" with a friend who writes. I jokingly said that someone ought to write the male counterpart. She agreed and we then agreed that I would write that and she would undertake her own project and we would finish at a given time.

I went to it and, just like when I was writing the novel, I became completely immersed in what I was doing and it seemed to flow without effort. I had the play done "on time" and, since then, have had several group readings. It is always hilarious to do the readings and one of the joys of my life. The play, my first, is called "Penis Polemics".

Since that time, I have written, I think 5 plays. I write only comedy/humor/farce. Nothing else seems to "work" for me and I seem to view life with a great deal of humor.

Recently, I have turned my attention to writing short stories. Misfitina - Hi, Misfitina! - suggested an autobiography of sorts. I have toyed with that idea on and off and have even begun one several months back. However, I keep falling into that humor/farce thing and find it impossible to not embellish things for the sake of a laugh. I set that aside.

Then, with Misfitina's encouragement, I began setting down vignettes of my life, in no particular order, in the form of short stories, which amount to fictionalized accounts of true events. I have completed two and I have ideas for several more. I have lead a fairly bizarre life, so I will not be wanting for material.

My goals as a writer? None beyond writing. I write only for my own pleasure. I know that I will never be a great writer and, at best, may only aspire to become a mediocre writer. But, that's okay. For me, it's a hobby.

If I were to try to publish/produce what I write, it would become a job and, instead of writing for myself, I would be writing for, working for, someone else. I don't need money and I have no intention of confining myself in that way.

I have to admit, that when I finished that first novel, several people encouraged to "get it published". LOL I looked into it. By the time I found out that, even to get an agent, you almost had to do unspeakably degrading things and submit work in very strictly defined formats and manners, I lost any interest what-so-ever. And, that's just to get an agent, which is the very beginning.

I have come to know myself fairly well and I know that, when it comes to things in which I have no interest, I am incredibly lazy and resistant to action. I simply won't do it.

So, I suppose I could say that 1) I am not a good enough writer (meaning skill, talent, persistence etc) to publish and, 2) I'm too lazy and indifferent to do anything beyond writing what I write.

I refuse to turn writing into a job. Sure, it's hard work but I'll not let it become a job. That philosophy carries over into rewriting (something a 'real' writer must do over and over and over again) and editing. I usually write a piece and then move on to the next thing. I have a rough, first draft and that's what I stay with. I don't recommend that, it's just what I do and, so far, it's worked okay for me.

I have a small circle of friends who read and enjoy my work. I have had "readings" of all my plays with groups of friends who are actors, writers, directors and so forth. On the whole, I get good "reviews" and encouragement to try to have the plays staged. Regarding that, see above. :-)

One thing I've always thought would be good - and fun - would be to collaborate with someone on a writing project. But, I fear, it would have to be humor/comedy, as I seem incapable of anything else. But, in lieu of that, I'll continue writing on my own and having fun at it.

I joined Bards to find others (somewhat) like me, who are amateurs and who do it for the love of it. And, I hope that the people I meet here will become as successful as they want to become. I have. :-)

So, I'll call this a wrap and say I hope I haven't bored you and that I am happy I am here and thanks to all of you for your welcomes.


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